Shipping Policy


May I have samples of stationery, wrappers, stickers or candy?

We do not offer samples online.  But you can contact our customer service team to make a request.  If you need a specific color not offered on the website, you may contact our customer service team to discuss your requirements further in order to assist you. 

When do products ship?

We know you want your sweets ASAP. So, we work to get your order to you quickly. 

October through April, orders that include a personalized item and a proof that is approved by you, the customer, by 10 am EST non-holidays M-F, will ship the same day. Orders that do not include personalization and that are placed by 10 am EST non-holidays M-F will ship the same day. 

In May through September, due to warmer weather, orders placed by 10 am EST on non-holidays M-W usually will ship the same day. We do not ship items on Thursday or Friday to ensure your order doesn’t sit in non-transit on a delivery truck during a weekend to safeguard from the candy melting or reducing in quality. Saturday FedEx delivery is available to most zip codes. Please contact our customer service team  to request this service.

Where do products ship from? 

All products are assembled with care onsite at our climate-controlled warehouse located in northwest Cincinnati, Ohio.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs are based on the customer's choice for level of shipping service, depending on whether you choose Economy, Expedited, 2nd Day or Next Day service. Also, shipping is charged per recipient address.

We are pleased to ship all products to the United States and Canada.

Hot Weather Shipping (May through October as Needed)

Some candies and sweets are sensitive to hotter temperatures in the spring, summer and fall months. Chocolate, marshmallow and gummi or jelly candies may melt or get sticky in hot or humid environments. While this may be perfect for fondue, it’s not for your candy order. So, to ensure your product arrives in great condition, “Heat Sensitive”* items will have shipping restrictions during hot weather months. When ordering, keep the following in mind:  

  • Temperatures differ from state to state, so shipping restrictions may be in effect for some states but not others.
  • Your order is being shipping from our temperature-controlled location in northern Cincinnati, Ohio. We check to ensure your order is of perfect quality prior to sealing the package for shipment. However, we cannot guarantee that your candy will arrive in the same perfect condition. For this reason, we do not provide refunds or replacements of product damaged by high temperatures.
  • If your order contains a heat sensitive item, Economy shipping will not be offered as an option due to the longer time in transit.
  • Any order containing a heat sensitive item is shipped via Expedited in an insulated package with an ice pack to protect the candy from melting in heat during transit. 

If an order has a heat sensitive item and the order is placed after 10 am EST Wednesday, the order will not ship until Monday, except when the order:

  • Is placed before 10 am EST Thursday and shipping to a business address with a 1-day transit time for delivery on Friday.
  • Is placed before 10 am EST Thursday and shipping to a residential address with a 2-day transit time for delivery on Saturday.
  • Is placed before 10 am EST Friday and shipping to a residential address with a 1-day transit time for delivery on Saturday.

* Heat Sensitive items will be noted on the item description page on the website in the bullets. 

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